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Cybersickness (also known as Virtual Reality Sickness and Digital Motion Sickness) is a term describing a type of motion sickness experienced when using virtual reality systems where you view and interact with a moving and changing virtual environment while being in a nearly stationary position. Though the senses involved are the same the cause of Cybersickness is quite different.


Common symptoms include nausea, headache, and general discomfort though the overall set of symptoms includes everything you heard associated with motion sickness.


Most people try remedies that you would expect for seasickness or motion sickness including chewing gum, and Dramamine though changes you can make in-system are far better, like positioning the visual at the point of your avatars head and eliminating the bobbing visuals during walking.

Research & Treatments

With Virtual Reality experiencing an explosion of popularity and investment, Cybersickness is a renewed area of academic and professional research. Its symptoms represent one of the biggest roadblocks to widespread adoption and its treatments will allow millions to get in to the market for games, movies, and educational titles.


You can help with Cybersickness research by participating in our HurlFactor area where we rank virtual reality software titles, goggles, treadmills, chairs, and other equipment by their likelihood to cause Cybersickness symptoms.

Press Kit

If you are writing about Cybersickness as a member of the media or a student be sure to check the Cybersickness Press Kit for a kit of great information you can use in your work.

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