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Before the commercial virtual reality craze hit, extensive research in to Cybersickness had been done by the United States, and other governments around the world as they increased the use of virtual reality in specialty training. 1 Airlines have also worked with various universities and companies to research simulator sickness which is quite related to cybersickness. 2 The IEEE and ACM have also conducted research through various members, generally professors at universities, exploring Cybersickness, its causes, symptoms, and remedies.

This page provides information on current and past research projects and researchers.

Current Cybersickness Research Projects

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Past Cybersickness Research Projects

  • Visual Self-Motion Perception and Motion Sickness, funded by the National Science Foundation. 2005-2010 NSF Award Link
    • Researcher: Frederick Fonato
    • Researcher: Andrea Bubka
  • Measuring and Reducing Cybersickness in Virtual Reality Physical Rehabilitation, funded by the National Science Foundation. 2015-2019. NSF Award Link
    • Researcher: John Patrick Quarles

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Cybersickness Researchers

  • Frederick Fonato at Saint Peters College, experimental psychologist
  • Andrea Bubka at Saint Peters College, experimental psychologist
  • John Patrick Quarles at University of Texas at San Antonio, Department of Computer Science. Website
  • Matt Johnston at Design Interactive, Inc. Predicting Cybersickness Website

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