Cybersickness Symptoms

Cybersickness is essentially the opposite sensory experience as traditional motion sickness and somewhat comparative to simulator sickness. 1 Your eyes are reporting a very unstable world while your muscles, joints, and ears are telling your brain the world is relatively stable.

Different people experience cybersickness to differing degrees and experience differing symptoms. Part of the reason for this difference is that equipment, environment, and conditioning in each person are different.

For example, when visual refresh rates are lower than the speed at which the brain processes vision it causes a perception of glitches in the brain dampening the impact of cybersickness because the brain trusts the information less. When refresh rates are higher the brain trusts the image more and symptoms can be more acute. 2 However, if the refresh rate is too slow it causes more acute symptoms as well.

The most commonly reported symptoms of Cybersickness are:

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