• Postural Stability (or Postural Instability)
    Simply: balance. More completely: postural stability is the ability to maintain balance using the muscles in your ankles, knees, and hips in response to movement. Postural stability decreases with fatigue, particularly in the knees and hips.
  • Pallor
    An unhealthy, pale appearance
  • Retching
    Making the sound and movement of vomiting, without ejection.
  • Flicker Frequency
    Simply: The rate at which an image is refreshed and presented to the eye. Generally, humans do not perceive flicker when images are presented at a minimum of 60Hz to 90Hz (frames per second), though this depends on several factors and can be significantly higher. One notable factor for virtual reality is that of peripheral vision which can... read more »
  • Field Dependence / Field Independence
    Field Dependence and Field Independence is an assessment of the learning style of a person. Someone who is field “dependent” is learns best while interacting with a teacher and other students to learn concepts and ideas. Someone who is field “independent” learns best from resources provided by the teacher and other students that can be... read more »