Fair Use

CyberSickness.info is an information resource for people interested in cybersickness and the content of this website is a teaching and learning tool. The HurlFactor portion of this website provides criticism and public-informing information about the use of various products and media. In providing information about products, movies, games, and software titles in this way CyberSickness.info is within the terms of fair use as defined by the laws of the United States.

  • Images used are low resolution and cannot result in a reproduction of any reasonable counterfeit quality, essentially we use images that are just high enough resolution to accompany the learning resources or commentary
  • Generally, the entire image is used because without the entire image it would not be recognizable by visitors
  • The image is used for identification in the context of critical commentary and teaching tools. The image makes significant contribution to the visitors understanding of the article or topic, which could not be conveyed by a textual description of any reasonable length
  • Use for this purpose does not compete with the purposes of the original artwork, namely the creator providing graphic design or photography services
  • The images are not replaceable by any free content since other image that shows the same artwork or poster would also be copyrighted, and any version that is not true to the original would be inadequate for identification or commentary
  • Our servers are in the United States
  • Cybersickness.info does not sell any products or generate any revenue

This set of circumstances is interpreted as Fair-Use according to precedent set by courts and the laws of the United States.

Images used in articles that are provided under the Creative Commons / Attribution (BY) license have a link to where they were retrieved from, generally Flickr or Unsplash. These licenses do not allow for the license to be removed after it is applied.

To request review of the use of an image on this website please use the Contact page to bring it to our attention.