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Google Daydream No ratings yet.

Google Daydream is by far the coolest headset ever. t’s a molded shell that houses a mobile phone, with a one-handed control system, that is, a small bundled remote with restricted motion tracking abilities. Not only is it a light device, it is also very easy to set up. The few cons of this device though… read more »

Microsoft Hololens 5/5 (1)

Hololens is an augmented reality viewer. It is a mixed reality smart glass produced by Microsoft. The HoloLens gaze controls are  responsive and not difficult for any user to control. Although the Hololens has an excellent resolution and superb spatial sound, the battery life spans short and the device can be hard to fit.  The HoloLens images look… read more »

Google Cardboard No ratings yet.

Google Cardboard was developed to help consumers have a taste of cheap and easy VR experience. It basically is a platform where programmers can create and share. One needs to have atleast an Iphone 5 or Android 4.0 to use the headset. You need to invest more on the smartphone than the headset itself. The… read more »

HTC Vive No ratings yet.

Known to be the King of VR headset,the HTC vive is known for its amazing resolution.  It has 2160×1200 screen, which translate to a 1080×1200 screen for each eye, and it has a 110 degree field of view. The downfall of the Vive is that it doesn’t have a built in audio compared to PSVR and… read more »

Playstation VR No ratings yet.

Sony has released its Playstation VR which basically has VR headset for a more realistic gaming experience. The great feature of the PS VR is that it balances the weight of the screen and has a tracker that detects where the gamer is looking. If you want to play the Playstation VR, you need to… read more »

Oculus Rift No ratings yet.

A virtual reality headset called the Oculus rift was produced by a company called Oculus VR. The Oculus Rift uses a 1080×1200 OLED panel for each eye. Headphones are also integrated to the device which makes the 3d effect more effective. The Rift has full 6 degree of freedom rotational and positional tracking. The tracking is carried out by Oculus’s… read more »