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SkydiVeR No ratings yet.

A game that makes you jump off of  Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft. It is a parachuting simulator for Gear VR. Platforms: Android Genres: Adventure, Educational, Simulation, Single-Player Release dates: Android: March 24, 2017 Developer: StarConsult S.r.L Publisher: StarConsult S.r.L Headset Compatibility: Samsung Gear VR Please Rate This!!! HurlFactor

Cries of Harvest No ratings yet.

Cries of Harvest is an adventure runner game developed by P.O.L.L.E.N. One needs to avoid obstacles and survive through some really nice pixelized styled visualized levels.   Platforms: Android Release dates: Android: March 2, 2017 Developer: Minfield Games Publisher: Mindfield Games Headset Compatibility: Samsung Gear VR Please Rate This!!! HurlFactor

Landfall No ratings yet.

Landfall is an action game that uses Oculus Rift. You’re gonna play as a commander leading the troop into a battle. You need to have great tactics by using machines and skills to turn the game into your favor. This game can be played single or with multiple players. Platforms: PC Release dates: PC: February 21, 2017 Developer: FancyTechVR… read more »

Paulo’s Wing No ratings yet.

Paulo’s Wing is a single-player fighting game.The player will be Paulo, a young warrior tasked to protect the gate of Haven from demons. Tilt Brush art was used immensely in this game, thus making the game atmosphere more on the creative side. Coming out on February 23, 2017 for the HTC Vive VR headset. Please Rate This!!!… read more »

MonkeyKing VR No ratings yet.

MonkeyKing VR is a defense VR game. You need to protect your inhabitant from monsters raiding it.  The game features 20 waves. You need to position your guardians around platforms without losing crystal points, which are used to summon more guardians into the battlefield. If a monster captures an inhabitant, you lose one life out… read more »

Boogeyman 2 First Impressions No ratings yet.

Boogeyman 2 is a horror game with a psychological side. You will be warned in the middle of the night of a monster coming and you need to hunt it. Lighting and weather will change along the way that will be harder for the player to capture the villain.   Release dates: PC: Feb 6,… read more »

City Avenger 3/5 (1)

In City Avenger, you’ll be playing as a villain and getting rid of the good guys in the city. A controller is needed to play this game. With each achievement, you’ll be earning money to buy new weapons. Please Rate This!!! HurlFactor

VRSailing by BeTomorrow No ratings yet.

VRSailing by BeTomorrow is a game which lets players experience the different conditions of the sea. The vive controller is used to control the ship of the players. The effects of the game itself is realistic and one can even enjoy a relaxing night time sail. However, the downfall of the game is that it can… read more »