Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness When VR Gaming

As amazing as Virtual Reality games can be, there are plenty of player feeling sick while playing VR. So what can you do to deal with VR Motion Sickness?

I’m here to give you 8 tips to help you deal with VR Motion Sickness and help make your VR adventures a better experience.

#8 Get Acclimated To VR

The first time you experience VR is strange. Our brains are not used to it and there are plenty of things that can confuse us.

So to prevent VR Motion Sickness the first thing you need to do, is get used to VR! Sure i know you want to play for hours, but give yourself some training before you do.

You wouldn’t run a 10k on your first jog, so play in 30 minute sessions while you get yourself Acclimated to VR.

#7 Chew On Gum

The easiest and sweetest thing you can do to deal with motion sickness by far! Just grab yourself a piece of gum and chew on it while you play.

#6 Move Your Head Slowly

If you get dizzy with VR, you are not ready the full experience yet…

Many games let you look around with controller sticks rather than moving your head, and this is a perfect alternative while you get used to VR.

Don’t worry eventually you will be used to VR and manage to do all you want in the Virtual World.

#5 Get A Fan Blowing In Your Face

Another easy tip, if you feel dizzy after a game session, just turn a fan on an let the air blow on your face.

The cooling air will make you feel stable and would freshen you up. Alternatively you could play with the fan already blowing to avoid dizziness in the first place.

#4 Play More Passive Games

Yes yes i know… We want VR for fast shooters and racing games, however if you are feeling sick it’s best you play slower paced games.

Remember you need to get used to VR, so give yourself a chance and train yourself so you can deal with faster VR experiences.

#3 Play Sitting Down

Another simple prevention method. Jumping into VR and playing standing up might be overwhelming. However sitting down and playing makes you feel perfectly grounded and won’t ruin the experience.

As you get better and better you can start venturing into more demanding games.

#2 Don’t Over Use Your Eyes

Virtual Reality is a lot of fun but VR Motion Sickness isn’t. Make sure you are keeping your eyer rested, playing too much will fatigue them!

If you feel like making the most out of your sessions consider resting your eyer during loading screens. Just shut them down every time you can.

#1 Take a Deep Breath

Say you are playing and you are feeling rushed, you start to feel dizzy and you can feel your heart jumping.

VR can be overwhelming, at times it can feel quite real specially when playing thrilling and horror games! So if you ever feel overwhelmed take a second to relax.

Just pause your game, close your eyer, and take a couple of deep breaths. Make sure you take care of your actual self and not just Virtual self!

Image Credit Ian Munroe


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