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How Long Does Virtual Reality/ Cybersickness Sickness Last?

With smartphones now running our lives and the prospect of virtual reality games just around the corner, we are hearing more information on how these new technologies can be detrimental to our health. Scrolling through pages quickly or playing a game that tricks the senses affects people in a number of different ways. It might… read more »

Does Ginger Cure Motion Sickness and Cybersickness?

With today’s latest technology advancing in leaps and bounds we only have to look back to the old flip phone to realise that with the onset of the new smartphone that virtual reality headsets are just around the corner.   In fact, many of you will be saying that we have in fact had the… read more »

Smartphones and Tablets can make you feel ill

Despite just about everyone in the world owning either an iPhone or an Android smartphone, there has been very little written about a phenomenon known as cybersickness. According to experts studying the problem as much as 80% of digital device users suffer from a feeling of dizziness and nausea brought on by the use of… read more »

Cybersickness vs Motion Sickness vs Simulator Sickness

Other than motion, there are actually two more common types of motion sickness, cyber and simulator. All three are very similar in the way they impact your body afterwards, but they all have very distinctive difference in the way that they are caused. Motion sickness Have you ever had the experience in the passenger seat… read more »

What Game Developers Do To Reduce Cybersickness

The biggest drawback to Virtual Reality is Cybersickness. I have felt sick when playing FPS games even without VR! So you can imagine how much harder it is for me to play an FPS in VR. Causes of Cybersickness Feeling dizzy while playing a game is normal, it happens because what our eyes see is… read more »

Tips To Avoid Motion Sickness When VR Gaming

As amazing as Virtual Reality games can be, there are plenty of player feeling sick while playing VR. So what can you do to deal with VR Motion Sickness? I’m here to give you 8 tips to help you deal with VR Motion Sickness and help make your VR adventures a better experience. #8 Get… read more »